UX Designers : top 10 mistakes

UX Designers: Top 10 interview mistakes

While I was interviewing  candidates for an open position of ‘UX Designer (UXD)’ at Synerzip, instead of tricky & typical interview questions; I chose to stick with really basic and interesting questions. I maintained a log of all candidates and their mistakes and  here are top 10 mistakes which I believe, one should never do as a UX Designer.

  1. Plaintext CV.
    So you applied for UX Designer profile and claim that you are passionate and creative !
    Your CV is ticket to your new job. If it looks dull, boring and lengthy; then you have already lost the competition.  If job portal/ recruiter demands plaintext CV, maintain both and save creative one for f2f.

    40% of UK employers would be more inclined to interview those using innovative design or video formats – https://goo.gl/vWv5em

  2. Assume that interviewer knows nothing about technology stack.
    This is the most common assumption UXDs  make during interview. Portfolio, shared links, mentioned skills and even images are verified before calling you for an interview. Not sure about the rest, but I  do ‘inspect’ all resources/ sites/ apps shared by a UXD.
  3. WordPress themes in your portfolio.
    Not a mistake, a blunder. If you think you can customize/ modify a beautiful WP  theme (not limited to) and showcase in your portfolio just because it looks COOL, then you should read point 2 again!
  4. Too much focus on certification.
    Certification is just like cherry on top of your UX profile. If you think creativity and problem solving skills come along with certification, then you are just another victim of that big marketing gimmick.
  5. You think that interviewer is  interested in learning about UX processes & practices.
    If an interviewer asks you about your role as a UX Designer, he is more interested in learning your thought process and how you deal with real world problems.
    Instead of telling what is card sorting, IA,  UX process, practices and methodologies; talk about your role, responsibilities and what “you” do; as a UXD.
  6. What about Usability ?
    This is my all time favourite question. As an interviewer I do expect candidates to share ‘how they defined all action stages and design principles’. But I have seen many edgy faces when the term ‘Usability’ is introduced. Few of them even considered usability a different world. Different world !

    If you think you are an awesome UX Designer who can design phenomenal products without considering their usability, then this image is definitely going to help you a lot in correcting yourself:

  7. What about low learning curve ?
    You love flat, clean and minimal design and we all know what is clean and minimal design.
    How do you transform a cluttered design into clean and minimal ?
    How do you group, show/ hide information while keeping that learning curve as low as possible ?
    Again, interviewer is more interested in your thought process and not theory of UX or less is more style !
  8. You think google/ apple design pattern is religion.
    If your portfolio has strictly followed some religion, be ready to justify it. It is not about you or your preferences, it is all about users, type of application, platform and ‘their‘ convenience.

    Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind
    -Albert Einstein

    P.S: Never use material design icons while designing iOS app.

  9. No online portfolio/ blog/ personal website.
    People want to validate your work, your skills and expertise even before reading you CV or calling you. Use www/ dropbox/ drive/ behance/dribbble or any active link that allows them to see who you are and what type of work you do. This will facilitate them alot.

    For UX hiring, I prefer portfolios and links over CV.
    – Aditi Sharma (Technical Recruiter @ Rezoomex)

  10. You are always right !
    Patterns and practices vary from person to person and its almost impossible  to evaluate your hard work in few minutes. Allow them to understand your project, share your views, boundaries, nature/ type of customer, deadlines. Tell your story, listen carefully and admit mistakes.

    If you are right, justify it and stand strong.

 Hiring process varies from organization to organization. Few employers are more interested in your background and not in your skills or passion, few just want your portfolio to win clients, few of them are more inclined towards user research and few expect you to write CSS too. However, these 10, basic points might come handy while designing your own portfolio, hiring someone for your team or while getting ready for a new job interview.

We at Synerzip are looking for talented UXDs too. If you think you are the one, feel free to mail me your supercool CV with portfolio.