Change Adobe Illustrator 2015 UGLY splash screen, for Mac


Every time I open Adobe Illustrator 2015, I encounter this UGLY splash screen. Yes, its ugly !

I really don’t understand the idea of using such ugly face for splash screen. Anyway, I decided to change it to something good.

If you are one of the haters or want to experiment, this post covers “how to change splash screen of Adobe Illustrator 2015″.

Mac Users

  1. Select Applications in finder and open Adobe Illustrator cc 2015
    step 1
  2. Right click Adobe Illustrator cc 2015 icon and click “show package contents”. DO NOT click OPEN, you do not want to “open” application.
    step 2
  3. Open Contents> Resources  and find ai_cc_splash@2x.png
    step 3
    Cheers ! you found that ugly face and next steps are optional.
  4. Still reading ! Okay.
    Before moving ahead take backup of this file on your desktop and open the original file in photoshop (or any other image editing tool you prefer).
    Press command+r to show  ‘ruler’ and then arrange guides as shown in the image below
    step 4
  5. You can now delete the image and put your own image file within these guides as shown below.
    Step 5
  6. Now add a white/black box and set opacity to 50% to your image as shown below.
    step 6I would always prefer dark box to get the perfect contrast.
  7. Save the image and restart illustrator to see NEW SPLASH SCREEN.
    beautiful splash screen

Important links:
Image used in this example is here.

Download my splash screen here.

You can try above steps on your own as this does not include any serious deadlift. However, I will not be responsible for any damage/ nuclear war/ corrupt file system by this. 

  • Chris Kennedy

    Thanks for this. I literally gag every time Illustrator 2015 opens!

  • Sheesko

    This didn’t work for me, though it came very close! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

    Here’s how I changes my Illustrator CC splash screen. I did everything you did, except the file I altered was ai_cc_splash.png. I did the alteration (I used a detail of the Botticelli Venue and hit it with the Diffuse Glow filter) and saved it to my Desktop to get around the Permissions brick wall. The I dragged it into the Resources file to replace the original, using my Admin password to authenticate the process. Worked like a charm.

    • Abhishek J

      ai_cc_splash.png= mac without retina display.
      Can you confirm your mac model so that I can update post accordingly.

      • Sheesko

        I’m on a MacBook Pro (early 2011). I don’t have the retina display. :(

        • Abhishek J

          you have the answer :)
          ai_cc_splash is for mac without retina display and 2x is for retina display.

  • Pat

    The illustration is fine, it’s just the ugly way they implement it.

  • Adam

    How do you replace the Illustrator CC 2015 splash screen on a PC?

    • Abhishek J

      You can find splash screen here : C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Illustrator CC 2015Support FilesContentsWindows